Welcome to Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Established as a Junior High School, Chisnallwood is specifically designed to meet the needs of students in their pre adolescent years. This design has been carefully developed over many years and is based on the best that has been seen in New Zealand and Internationally.
By enrolling at this school you are opening doorways to opportunities that will prepare you fully for secondary school and beyond. A well balanced mixture of specialist and home room teaching in this highly resourced environment will capture your interest and attention in a manner that will ensure your success.

Recognised as a leader in its field, Chisnallwood is nationally renowned for its achievements particularly in the areas of music, the arts, sport and all academic endeavours. This success is brought about by the quality of the resources we have and by the commitment of the highly trained and dedicated teaching staff.

Coming from over 30 different contributing schools Chisnallwood students are spirited and competitive. They are proud of their school and know that by coming here they are in an education environment that provides them with something very special.

Justin Fields 


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